Isn’t it ironic?

Most people are obsessed with the notion of ‘being unique’. We look for ways to set ourselves apart from our peers, creating online personas via photos and shared media, letting the world know that we have our own personalities. The fact that everyone is doing this has led me to believe that even the weirdest of us has shared traits with a group of others, things that instead of setting us apart, draw us closer to belonging to a certain demographic. So I’ve set out to prove this point: I’m sharing here some of the most personal/offbeat/unheard-of details of my life. I’m pretty sure someone else has at least a similar story or two to share. 

1) The day I met my wife (the official term of endearment between my ex-roommate–and one of my closest friends– and I) I was wearing pajamas. Funnily enough, I started taking pictures of her that same day!

One of the first pictures I ever took of her. Can't find the very first, though.
One of the first pictures I ever took of her. Can’t find the very first, though.

2) Marriage is not a part of the plan I have mapped out for my life, but this was not always the case. I have been engaged twice in my life (coincidentally, both engagement rings turned out to be cheap pieces of tin). But I only made plans in the traditional sense for one. I was 16, and I wanted my wedding dress to be red and black, and I wanted to walk down the isle to the Imperial March. I wonder if any of his weddings (he’s had 2) turned out to be this awesome.

I also wanted this skull cap included in the design. Silly little me.
I also wanted this skull cap included in the design. Silly little me.

3) The worst falling out I’ve ever had was with my mother (we spent more than a year not speaking to each other). It was over the fact that she had read my diary, which I felt was a crass violation to my privacy. Five years later, I started keeping a public blog.

4) Back in 2004, I was ready to move out to North Carolina. Although truth was that I was running away from a very noxious relationship, I convinced myself and others that the actual reason was I had gotten fed up with the incestuous nature of the local social scene. Almost 10 years later, I’ve found that this incestuousness is what has made my social life so very fascinating.

5) The first cigarette I tried was a regular Winston. A single drag turned me off smoking for 4 years. I’ve never had a Winston cigarette since then.

6) I really like cold climates, but I cannot sleep in an air conditioned room. If I do, I wake up with a nasty case of allergies.

7) My first alcoholic drink was not beer. It was a sip of whiskey, and I was 4 years old. To this day, I hate the taste of whiskey.

The SECOND drink I had was this. Got hooked on alcohol right away.
The SECOND drink I had was this. Got hooked on alcohol right away.

8) The first time I celebrated Halloween, I decided to dress up as Darth Vader. I became thoroughly discouraged when I found out there was another kid in the party dressed up as a taller and much better executed Darth Vader. I went back home and switched the Darth Vader mask for a witch hat. I spent the rest of the night harassing the poor kid dressed as Darth Vader.

9) My parents built up my self confidence so well that I grew up with the conviction that I had been a great dancer and a great painter. Later on in life, I learned that I never had any rhythm and that my first art teacher complained to my parents because I had no talent. C’est la vie!

10) Even though my first doctor-and-patient game was with my (male) cousin, the first time I played husband-and-wife was with my (female) childhood friend. We were around 10 years old. I think we were both somewhat aware of what we were doing.

11) My brother started out his early adulthood in job as an interpreter. He’s got around 5 languages up his sleeve. I only have the two (English, Spanish) plus a smattering of French. My first career (for about 9 years) was as an IT professional, same thing I studied in college. He has a Bachelor degree in Philosphy and pretty much all the credits necessary for a minor in Modern Languages. In the last few months, I’m soon to finish my Masters degree in Translation and I have a job as a phone interpreter. He’s finally got a job he enjoys as an IT professional.