The Coquí Nest

I suspect not everyone got the memo, and for that I apologize, but here goes: I moved to Denver.

Yes, Denver, CO. A place I’d never visited before, never even mentioned in the long list of “Places I’d Like to Live In” or even “To Visit”. It almost felt like an arranged marriage. A very sudden one at that too.

I had been toying with the idea since earlier in the year, when Lynette, a friend who works at one of the companies I was freelancing for, mentioned that they needed another person. However, I was also considering following up my Master’s degree with a specialization in medical translation. The priorities were muddled there: Get a job? Or a better preparation?

I contacted my liaison in that company anyway, let her know of my interest, and that was that. I didn’t hear from them again for months. Lots of things happened in those months. Lots of lessons learned, lots of lives affected, lots of growing and rethinking was done in those meager months.

For one, I realized that, in spite of my staunch position against being a mother, I really do want to have a kid. Which brings my current main relationship under scrutiny, because we don’t agree in that, and that is one thing in which you don’t want to disagree in a relationship. However, for the moment being, it’s all in standstill. I’m not ready yet. But I cannot dawdle around too much either. I’m 35, the clock is ticking, yadda-yadda.

Not long after coming to terms with this, I got the call. We set up an interview for Monday October 7th. We Skyped. I got an offer on October 8th. I moved away on the 15th. And that was that. Here I am.

Colorado: a state I knew next to nothing about–no wonder it feels like an arranged marriage! But luckily enough, I’ve begun falling in love with the city, with its people, with the experiences I’ve had so far…

I know, it’s the “honeymoon phase”. But even at its scariest, I’ve concluded that if you love the city, the city will love you back. You just have to tread carefully, like in any other place in the world.



One thing that struck me as awesome right off the bat is the bike-friendliness of its design. This has coincided with a highly politicized event back in PR, in which a cyclist was run over by a car. People have reacted with such vitriolic rage against cyclists in general, it makes me wonder about my fellow countrymen’s sanity.



The change of colors (in the trees and plants) has also left me in ecstatic bliss. This is one of the tiny processes of nature I so resented my tropical latitude for lacking. Seasons. Denver has them. And that is beautiful.

Plus I also (finally) saw snow for the first time. Haven’t seen a snowFALL, but … damnit, I saw freaking SNOW! Finally, a lifelong dream: accomplished!



Also, I got my first library card ever! It’s an actual library. With books in it. Which you can borrow and read. And you don’t need to pay a membership or be part of X or Y group of people. This is a motherfucking PUBLIC library. With many floors. I think I’m gonna spend a lot of time in there.



Speaking of which, I took this picture of one of the first books I checked out. Because SNOOPY, that’s why. They have the entire Peanuts collection, and that made me cry a little with joy.



Another good thing is that HEY! I got to a new city with a job. Which pays nicely. So I went to Ikea and I brought home a few gossiping rats (and a squirrel!). Here they are, up to no good, conniving with Woodstock (whom I ordered in from Kohls.) Feel free to take the picture and insert a caption. Share it with me, though. Don’t go being all stingy about it!



Also, I’ve been lucky enough to shack up with Lynette, who’s as crazy as I am and loves chocolate as much as I do. And cookies. And helping Mr. Squirrely pose for the camera.

Still, baking’s gonna be a bitch here. High altitudes and whatnot. Same with the nosebleeds. The constant nosebleeds. I mean, body, c’mon! Three weeks is more than enough for you to get accustomed to the dry cold!



And the sunsets. The gorgeous, luminous sunsets. Given that this is not a gloomy place, a gorgeous sunset is in the offering almost on a weekly basis. However, they are happening earlier and earlier. Soon, the sun will be setting during lunch!



Still, sunsets looks gorgeous even from inside.

Today I took the train here for the first time (I travel around by bus, mostly, and that’s only until I scrounge up enough money for my own bike). It runs through a train graveyard. This is one place I’m gonna have to trespass into and photograph the living hell out of it!

Little by little, like a curious yet patient lover, I discover the nooks and crannies in this city. I am loving it. And it is loving me back.

PS: One other confession, which I only shared yesterday with my coworkers because what the heck!

I made this a while ago. Sort of like an exercise. It’s not that I’m pining for a wedding (who has the money for all that?) but I also realized I wouldn’t be so opposed to it as I previously thought. Oh well … pipe dreams indeed.

Back to this gorgeous reality …