What are we doing?!?

I think I’m suffering from Internet Fatigue. Every day my Facebook and RSS feeds are filled with articles, videos, and images of Important Truths You Should Know. Everyone is clamoring in unison about global warming, women’s rights, gun laws, animal cruelty… The list goes on and on and on. All of these are important topics, yes, worth fighting for, definitely. But we’re all more or less hand-tied. Or lazy. Or simply trigger-happy with the Repost alternative. We fight the good fight from behind our keyboards, and we have become a swarm of voices shouting into cyberspace. Therefore what may have once been content of dubious reputation is now a steady stream of passionate opinions everted ALL IN CAPS-LOCK! 600capslock_greeting_card Our own voice may get lost in the shuffle and tide of this sudden widespread activism, but that doesn’t worry me as much. What worries me is that, in the attempt to put in public display all the horrors we want to decry, we’re desensitizing our followers, friends, interlopers. We scroll down our timelines, allowing 2.5 seconds of attention for each entry, chuckling or nodding in agreement, hitting Repost, moving on. And the actual problems persist. Because everyone is now aware but they’re so saturated with content that very few people will actually DO something. had+to+be+said+sorry+_af564d74eb74602896462b7d7e182f13 It’s no one’s fault, really. Some have (and always had) the gumption to take action against the injustices of the world. Others are too exhausted or indifferent. It’s the way society has been constructed, and overturning this will take more than a blog post or a Facebook campaign. But we apparently started taking ourselves too seriously around the same time that hipsters leapt into the mainstream consciousness, and now instead of memes and Ain’t-It-Cool news, we have flooded our feeds with Actual Important Content. And it is all portrayed this way (“you will never believe…!” ) even if it isn’t of any real consequence. Amazing-Fact Maybe it’s time  we stopped using the internet for Serious Adult Stuff and make it fun again, a way to connect with the ones we love, not a way to drive ourselves to despise them because you’re sick and tired of all their posts about racial disparity. Yes, I think these are important topics too. But having everyone shout about it at the same time will not make it more so. download