I Want My Daughters To …

The princess culture (Disney and otherwise) has confounded me. I’ve read articles decrying it (these are the ones I tend to agree with more), but I’ve also come across another current of thought: that the princesses empower the girls to be who they want to be.

However, I wonder why so few of these princesses have decided to be just that: princesses. Thus the prism of options for ourselves and our daughters is limited in the media.

I don’t want my daughters to be princesses…

I want them to be queens, khaleesis, empresses, goddesses. I want them to be owners of their own domain and destiny. I want them to be owners of their lives and bodies. I want them to be able to choose. I want them to be kind and compassionate to those who have fewer resources, who are deemed “less” by other authorities, who have been forgotten by the world at large.

I want my daughters to be firefighters against the flames of injustice.


I want them to be veterinarians by virtue of the love for the animal kingdom they would inherit from me and their father.

I want my daughters to be doctors: knowledgeable about the human body and mind, and their ailments. No prudish taboos or fears allowed.

Libyan girl protesting

I want my daughters to be lawyers, to be conscious of the society we live in, to know their rights. But I also want them to be aware that they can fight the system if they perceive injustice and corruption.

I want my daughters to be builders, so they can always have the skills to shelter themselves and survive  without depending on anyone else.


I want my daughters to be athletes, bodybuilders, parkour performers, fire-breathers… I want them to push their own bodies to wherever they want to push them. I want them to be strong.

I want my daughters to discover all the colors of the rainbow, and to choose among them the ones they want to wear. I want my daughters to wear red, blue, purple, yellow, green … I want them to wear pink if they so wish, but I want them to choose this by their own volition, not by imposition.

I want my daughters to see their hair as a venue of self-expression. Do you want to wear a frilly bow? Fine. Do you want to do it up in a mohawk? Awesome! Do you want to do both at the same time? Fuckin’ A!

What I don’t want is for my girls to be limited by society, by corporations, by the goddamned gender marketing that’s taken the world by storm. I want them to feel that they are individuals with a definitive say on what goes on in their lives, their bodies, their minds.


I want them to be able to make the decision to marry whomever they choose (or not marry at all). I want them to be able to decide whether they want to have children of their own or not. I want them to have a say on how the world works, and be able to fight if they do not consciously agree.

My Little Muse hor380

I want my daughters to be more than dolls and mannequins to look pretty and smile. I want my daughters to be fucking warriors: fierce and strong and fearless.

I don’t know about the rest of you… But that is what I’d like for the daughters I don’t yet have.