About Me

I am a female, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Wednesday March 8th, 1978. My mother is Puerto Rican, and my father is a Colombian immigrant, come to Puerto Rico at a very young age, seeking god-knows-what in this island of chaos and mediocrity. I recently joined the swarm of people fleeing the island, being absorbed by the growing diaspora of boricuas in the mainland. I now live in a city nestled along a mountain ridge. I get the most beautiful and forlorn sunsets every day, and life goes on.


My passion is writing. Since I was able to put pen to paper, I was already expressing the worlds that lived inside me. It’s an addiction I haven’t been able to kick: making my inner world public and manifest in whichever means I can. The fact that this inner world is mostly composed by googly-eyed monsters, cats flying around with umbrellas, and a unicorn named Wi-Fi explains why I feel that writing sometimes lacks a bit in terms of expressiveness…

Awards: I didn’t expect to receive an award for my blog any time soon, and after I got it, I didn’t know where to display my “trophy”, so I guess it’s gotta go here:

Awarded by the fabulous N3cr0phelia in her own very worthy site: ame-electrique.org